Best smart speakers


The current crop of smart speakers are a little smarter than your average wireless speaker. No matter if you want to know what the weather's like, or want details of the music you're listening to, need to catch up on news headlines or just can't be bothered to get up and adjust your lighting, your smart speaker is standing by to help you out. And here are the best around right now...

Under £50

Amazon Echo Dot

Simple, affordable and effective entry-point into Amazon's world of AI.


Alexa voice assistant | Bluetooth | 3.5mm output

Reasons to Buy
Cheap and easy to use
Good comprehension
Lots of compatible devices
3.5mm output
Reasons to Avoid
Low quality speaker
AI could be more advanced

Under £100

Amazon Echo 2

Smart, affordable and a very sympathetic listener.


Alexa voice control | 6x finishes | Bluetooth and wi-fi

Reasons to Buy
Alexa voice control
Improved hearing commands
Smart design
Reasons to Avoid
Average sound quality

Under £200

Sonos One

Put the lack of high-res audio support to one side and you're left with a hugely capable smart speaker.

Reasons to Buy
Stylish and unobtrusive
Solid, sophisticated sound
Expandable Sonos range
Alexa well integrated
Reasons to Avoid
Lacks full Alexa control
Still no hi-res audio
Buggy beta software

Under £400

Apple HomePod

Not the smartest smart speaker you ever interacted with - but the best-sounding, no argument.


Siri | Apple Music | HomeKit

Reasons to Buy
Compact, solid and stylish
Automatically gets the best out of its position and your music
Siri and Apple Music works well
Weighty, authoritative sound
Reasons to Avoid
Over-reliance on voice control
Mid-range a little muddled
Too Apple-centric