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Get beyond the appearance and there’s an awful lot to admire here
Poised, confident sound, even at high volume levels
Quick to heat your ears
distinctive looks
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We make no apologies for dwelling a little on the looks of these headphones.

We can't, then, help but feel that the Audio-Technica ATH-ES7s, with their mirrored ear-cups and ice-white mark-one-iPod 'n' mid-Eighties-grey headband, might struggle to find the size of audience their performance deserves.(Though we should point out tthat a more straightlaced, black finish is also available.)

Decently lightweight and comfortable (up to a point – that hard grey headband isn't the most ergonomically shaped), the ES7s feature large ear-cups and transmit next-to-no cable noise. What they do transmit, in spades, is a balanced, expansive and convincing sound.

Excellent bass performanceNeutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea offers a considerable test of cohesion, midrange response and bottom-end tonality, and it's a test the ES7 pass at a canter.

They're richly informative with vocalists and offer excellent bass – the difference between bowed, blown or computer-generated low-end is explicit.

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No frequency is given undue prominence, and the ES7s remain balanced even at dangerous volume levels. These don't cause fatigue after long sessions, either.

Actually, that's only partly true: they can make your ears a bit hot after an hour or so, which is a fair bit quicker than some of the others in the shops. But in terms of sound, they're as cool as the proverbial cucumber.

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