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Wharfedale Powercube SPC-10 review

A fast, articulate and detailed sub Tested at £300

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

A terrific sub now that Wharfedale has sorted out the spike issues


  • A fast, articulate and detailed sound
  • good build


  • Nothing at the price

It says a lot for the quality of the Wharfedale SPC-10 that our biggest complaint is with the spikes. Because this subwoofer is a truly excellent product at the price.

So let’s go over our initial problem: on our review sample, the knurled nuts were difficult to lock into place without damaging them, and tended to work loose after a while, eventually causing an audible rattle.

However, Wharfedale has now fixed this problem, so we've put the original star rating of four up to five.

A good, taut, precise sound

But, as we’ve said, get past these issues and the SPC-10 delivers a fine performance. It’s a sealed box design, and produces a taut and precise sound.

It is detailed and agile with fast moving basslines and has good dynamic heft. Overall, this is a fine subwoofer.

Now that Wharfedale has managed to sort out the spike problem, it is a great buy and fully deserves five stars.

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