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Revo iBlik Radiostation review

It's compact, lightweight and solidly built and follows on from the Blik we reviewed earlier this year. Tested at £180.00

Our Verdict

We think this is money well spent for iPod owners


  • Compact, lightweight, well detailed


  • Inefficient internet radio, thin sound

Revo announced itself to the radio market this year with the Blik Radiostation – at the time of launch, the world's first DAB and Internet radio.

Now we have an enhanced version, the iBlik, which, as you've probably guessed, includes an iPod dock.
Perhaps the most compact unit here, the iBlik is a surprisingly lightweight yet still solidly built machine.

A clear LCD on the front of the screen is complemented by buttons on top of the screen and an easy to use remote, while the interface and navigation system is fine if, in line with most Internet radios bar the Pure, far from efficient. The dock works well, with the remote offering full control.

Sonically it's not the fullest, weightiest sound but there's no harshness to the top end and there's a good level of detail to tunes and voices. At just £30 more than the ‘standard' Blik, we think it's money well spent for iPod owners