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Ortofon 2M Black review

Ortofon's 2M Black is an insightful and powerful performer, but take care when matching it to your system Tested at £460

Our Verdict

For those after a powerful, yet fun-loving performance, this Ortofon should be a must-listen


  • Very detailed, impressive transparency, insightful


  • Bass lacks some definition

The 2M Black is the top of Ortofon’s 2M range. At 7.2g it’s a heavy shelled cartridge, and has a relatively light recommended tracking force of 1.5g.

Following running in, it showed real power and dynamics, as well as crisp timing.

A very transparent and detailed stylus, the Ortofon handles subtlety well, with vocals especially possessing supreme inflection and insight.

The midrange is expressive, and the treble is insightful and vivid. Bass lacks a little definition compared with the higher frequencies, but that’s only a minor quibble.

Take care with matching if you’ve a bright-sounding system.

But if you’re looking for downright oomph and fun, the Ortofon 2M Black is where it’s at.

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