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The Week in HD - Monday 6th February

Welcome to another week of HD and 3D films, TV shows, sports and Blu-ray releases.

We hope you survived the snow this weekend, whether you were out building snowmen or getting stuck in trains/cars/buses/insert choice of transport. As the country stubbornly insists on being freezing cold, here's a couple of highlights from the week ahead that'll keep you entertained in the cosy interior of your home.

Monday 6th February

Tyrannosaur - Blu-ray

Paddy Considine's directorial debut has been taking the British film circuit by storm, starring Peter Mullan as a self-destructive man plagued with rage and violence. Also stars the fantastic Olivia Colman.

Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur - Sky Sports HD1/Sky 3D - 7pm

Barclays Premier League

Gladiator - ITV2 HD - 9pm

More than 10 years since its release, and this Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe historical epic is still, well, epic. Tigers and gladiators and Roman politics - what's not to like?

This is Spinal Tap - ITV4 HD - 9pm

If all that blood and violence isn't your cup of tea, there's alway this: the cult satirical rockumentary following the (fictional) ageing British heavy metal band Spinal Tap on their comeback trail as they promote their new album. Volume to 11, please – and enjoy.

Thor - Sky 3D - 11pm

Leading up to the epic The Avengers film coming out this Spring, Thor is the fun-filled, hyperactive, goofy-yet-prone-to-destruction youngest brother compared to Iron Man and Captain America. While Chris Hemsworth looms about searching for hammer and horse, Tom Hiddleston's Loki goes over to the Dark Side. All together now – 'You forgot your thaddle, thilly'...

Tuesday 7th February

How to Grow a Planet - BBC HD - 9pm

Life from Light – How planets first harnessed light from the sun and created our life-giving atmosphere. Expect spectacular images of spacey-wacey stuff.

Pakistan v England - Sky Sports HD1 - 6am

Test Match, Third Day five

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Sky 3D - 10.15pm

Autobots v Decepticons. ON THE MOON. More special effects and explosions than Michael Bay could ever have dreamed of. Oh wait, he directed this. More excitingly, Leonard Nimoy joins the cast as the voice for Sentinel Prime.

Wednesday 8th February

Middlesborough v Sunderland - ITV HD - 7pm

FA Cup

Sherlock Holmes: The Naval Treaty - ITV3 HD - 7.55pm

While away the Sherlock blues (and the prospect of another 18 months wait for season 3) by diving into the loveable and excellent Granada series, with Jeremy Brett as the consulting detective. A foreign office clerk's career looks to be in jeopardy when a secret document in his charge is stolen.

Thursday 9th February

Bladerunner: The Final Cut - Sky Atlantic HD - 9pm

The ultimate version of Ridley Scott's visionary sci-fi classic, where Harrison Ford stars as a bounty hunter in the year 2019, who must hunt down dangerous Replicants.

Friday 10th February

Wild about Pandas - BBC HD - 9pm

David Tennant narrates this programme that follows the giant pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang's resettlement in Edinburgh Zoo. Pandas are cute, okay?

Hellboy - Watch HD - 10pm

Supernatural film by Guillermo del Toro based on the Dark Horse comics. Ron Perlman is transformed into the red horned demon, raised in an FBI lab, who becomes a defender against evil forces. Doug Jones (the creepy pale man with eyeballs in his hands from Pan's Labyrinth) is awesome as Abe Sapien, his voice provided (uncredited) by David Hyde Pierce, aka Niles Crane.

Saturday 11th February

Manchester Utd v Liverpool - Sky Sports HD2 - 12pm

Barclays Premier League

Tottenham Hotspur v Newcastle Utd - ESPN HD - 5.30pm

Barclays Premier League

Safari Park Adventure 3D - Sk 3D - 7pm

While zebras, primate and tigers in Woburn Safari Park are taken ill, the elephants are having a grand time trying out a new trick at feeding time.

France v Ireland - BBC HD - 7.30pm

Six Nations Rugby

Suits - Dave HD - 8pm

I wasn't really expecting much when I started watch Suits, but I was instantly hooked onto this legal drama from the US. Classy and funny, with clever scripts and great comedic timing from all actors, the shows manages to make corporate law glam and exciting as if it was a heist series, like BBC's Hustle. if you're doing nothing this evening, settle in for a Suits marathon.

Sunday 12th February

The Sarah Jane Adventures - BBC HD - 3pm

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, Part 2 - The Doctor joins the battle, but is he too late to save both Sarah Jane and the Earth? Knowing the Doctor, he's got a plan up his sleeve. With 10th Doctor David Tennant and the late great Elisabeth Sladen.

Aston Villa v Manchester City - Sky Sports HD1 - 5.30pm

Barclays Premier League

Avatar - Sky 3D - 6pm

Okay, here's the thing: I didn't really like Avatar. Sorry, James Cameron. But what I did love – and what looked amazing in 3D – were the forest scenes on Pandora, and the flying Ikrans.

Top Gear - BBC HD - 8pm

Clarkson and Hammond take over filming stunts for the climactic car chase of the forthcoming Sweeney movie. At risk of sounding like a broken record, what could possibly go wrong? Actually, this sounds rather fun.

Being Human - BBC HD - 9pm

Still reeling from George's death last episode, we get a glimpse of the Old Ones, while three visitors hope that baby Eve is the Saviour and can perform a miracle.

'Til next week...

Kashfia Kabir
Kashfia Kabir

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