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The Week in HD - Monday 25th June

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Week in HD, our weekly guide to the best high-definition films, TV shows, sports, and Blu-ray releases to grace your screen this week. With Euro 2012 coming to an end with the final on Sunday, never fear, for there's plenty of more sports to fill your hearts with Wimbledon starting this week.

There's also a high number of really good films on this week - scroll down to see what we've picked to keep you glued to your screens:

Monday 25th June

A Dangerous Method - Blu-ray

Viggo Mortensen's Carl Jung and Michael Fassbender's Sigmund Freud come to intellectual blows in this David Cronenberg film about the founding fathers of psychoanalysis. Also starring Keira Knightley and Vincent Cassel.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - Blu-ray

Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Penelope Wilton, Tom Wilkinson, Celia Imrie, and Dev Patel star in this feel-good film about a group of British pensioners moving to a retirement hotel in India. Maggie Smith is the highlight, bringing all her Violet Crawley regal sarkiness into some great one-liners.

Wimbledon - BBC HD - 11.30am & 5.50pm

Sue Barker introduces live coverage from the grassy green courts of the 126th Wimbledon Championships. And continues to do so throughout the week.

Wallander - BBC HD 9pm

Faceless Killers. Repeat of season 2 starts off bleakly, with Kenneth Branagh's detective investigating the brutal murder of an elderly couple.

Veep - Sky Atlantic HD - 10pm

Armando Ianucci's new series satirises American politics, following Julia Dreyfuss's vice president as she navigates her way through the first days in office.

The Ronnie Wood Show - Sky Arts1 HD - 10pm

Sir Paul McCartney joins Ronnie Woodin reminiscing about the glory days of The Beatles with plenty of anecdotes and musical influences.

Tuesday 26th June

Shakespeare Uncovered - BBC HD - 9pm

Macbeth. Ethan Hawke takes a look at one of Shakespeare's most celebrated tragedies along with fellow RSC veterans, from unearthing the true historical events that influenced the play to visiting Scotland to discover Dunsinane where Macbeth supposedly lived.

QI - BBC HD - 10pm

Horrible. Dara O'Briain, Chris Addison, Sean Locke join Alan Davies and Stephen Fry in talking about all things horrible and horrid.

Sixty Six - ITV1 HD - 10.35pm

Here's something to cure any Euro 2012 blues: a coming-of-age story set during the World Cup Final of 1966. Bernie Rueben's all-important bar mitzvah clashes with the England v Germany game, and he isn't happy when people start to drop out of attenting his party. With Helena Bonham-Carter, Eddie Marsan, and Peter Serafinowicz.

Wednesday 27th June

Portugal v Spain - BBC HD - 7pm

Euro 2012 Semi Final.

Thursday 28th June

Germany v Italy - BBC HD - 7pm

Euro 2012 Semi Final.

The Thick Of It - BBC HD - 10pm

Nicola & co are stuck in an Eastbourne hotel, trying to finish a party speech, while Glenn and Malcolm get into a bit of a scrap over people's champion Julie. And Miles Jupp makes an appearance as an incompetent press officer. Cringe-worthy hilarity ensues.

Friday 29th June

X Men: First Class - Sky Movies HD Premiere - 8pm

Michael Vaugh and Jane Goldman restart the mutant superhero franchise with James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender taking the helm as Charles 'Professor X' Xavier and Erik 'Magneto' Lensherr and showcasing their doomed friendship amidst the backdrop of the Cold War. The swingin' 60s, the fun script, cool mutant powers and solid performances, it's better than the first three films put together.

Would I Lie To You? - BBC1 HD - 8.30pm

The Unseen Bits. A mixture of highlights and cut scenes from the most recent series of the show; watch if only for David Mitchell's maniacal laughter and angry logic rants.

Public Enemies - ITV1 HD - 10.35pm

Sepia-toned bipoic based on the exploits of the notorious bank robbers John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd, and the fledgling FBI that tried to crack down on the crime wave that hit 1930s Chicago.

Johnny Depp's Dillinger clashes with Christian Bale's Agent Melvin Purvis, and while it may not have been the best of thrillers with those two names, the styling of the film with the suits/fedora hats/tommy guns ensemble is fun to watch.

Saturday 30th June

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix - ITV1 HD - 7.30pm

The return of Volde- sorry, He Who Must Not Be Named is felt across both the wizarding and Muggle world. While the Death Eaters strengthen their ranks with the aid of Dementors and infiltrating the Ministry of Magic, the Order of the Phoenix reforms with some surprising alliances.

Meanwhile in Hogwarts, Harry and fellow students form Dumbledore's Army, while pure evil comes wrapped in pink in the form of Dolores Umbridge.

The Hollow Crown: Richard II - BBC HD - 9pm

Shakespeare season has been leading up to this moment, with four filmed adaptations of Shakespeare's historical plays, spanning sixteen years of monarchial and political power starting from 1399. Ben Whishaw plays King Richard, with Roy Kinnear, David Suchet, Patrick Stewart, James Purefoy, and David Morrissey all vying for his throne.

Red Eye - BBC1 HD - 11.35pm

Claustrophic and neatly contained thriller about a hotel manager being intimidated by a fellow passenger into collaborating with an assassination attempt. Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy do a great job of conveying both tension and charm in the confines of an airplane.

Sunday 1st July

The Boat That Rocked - ITV1 HD - 10.30pm

Richard Curtis pens this enjoyable British comedy about pirate radio stations during the 60s. It has an ensemble cast of Bill Nighy, Rhys Ifans, Chris O'Dowd, Nick Frost, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh, Jack Davenport, Tom Sturridge and Katherine Parkinson, but the real star of the film is the fabulous soundtrack of great 60s tunes.

Lucky Number Slevin - 4HD - 10.50pm

A mistaken case of identity pitches Josh Hartnett in the midst of a feud between two warring crime lords, played by Ben Kingsley and Morgan Freeman. I have a special place in my heart for director Paul McGuigan (He Who Directs BBC's Sherlock), and his slick and clevel visual style is stamped all over this film, making it far cleverer than it should be. Also, watch out for the wallpapers: McGuigan has a knack for picking out wacky wallpapers that should clash, but somehow work brilliantly.

Euro 2012 Final - BBC HD - 7pm

Live coverage of the Euro 2012 final from the Olympic Stadium in Kiev.

'Til next week...

Kashfia Kabir
Kashfia Kabir

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