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Test your knowledge by completing the lyrics to these Radiohead singles

Test your knowledge by completing the lyrics to these Radiohead singles
(Image credit: Radiohead)

Avid fans and readers of our Radiohead discography feature might think the band's most commercially successful singles of all time (according to the Official Charts website) is too easy a basis for a lyrics quiz. We're not so sure.

We'll go ahead and tell you what those singles are, from ten to one, in case you're wondering: There There, Just, Pyramid Song, Fake Plastic Trees, High and Dry, Street Spirit, Karma Police, No Surprises, Paranoid Android and, of course, Creep

If you knew all of this – and even if you didn't but you enjoy a good music quiz – you're ready to put your knowledge of Radiohead's biggest-selling singles to the test: simply hit 'Play' below and start clicking.

It's multiple choice – simply click on a word to complete the lyric – but choose wisely before making your move: if you're wrong, you're wrong. No second chances (no alarms and no surprises) here. 

This is what you'll get (see what we did there?): the quiz contains lyrics from each and every single in Radiohead's top 10 as listed above.

For each question, we've given you the title of the song as a hint, as well as the album and the year that said album was released. All you have to do is complete the lyric – sing it out if it helps. 

So let's get cracking. You have six minutes. Oh, and feel free to share your score in the comments section when you're done. You do it to yourself, you do... 


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