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LG G6 vs LG E6 review: which is the best 4K OLED TV?

LG has made the OLED TV market its own over the last 12 months. While Sony and more recently Panasonic have both dipped a toe into the crystal clear OLED waters, LG dived in head first. And with impressive results.

There are four ranges in LG's 2016 OLED line-up: the entry-level B6, the C6, the E6 and the flagship G6. Three LG OLED TVs have passed through the What Hi-Fi? test rooms this year, and all three have come away with glowing reviews: the £3000 LG OLED55C6V, the £5000 LG OLED65E6V and the £6000 LG OLED65G6V.

The C6, complete with curved screen, is something of a different (albeit very good) proposition. So we've decided to compare the top two ranges - the E6 and G6 - in order to find the best model in the range. By default, this is the best 4K OLED TV currently on the market. Find out which TV wins in the video...

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