Atlas Equator Mk II review

If you want a superbly balanced sound, then this speaker cable is certainly for you, although it could do with more verve

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Our Verdict

The Equator Mk II is ideal for those wanting a mellower listen, and does a lot right – we'd just like more dynamic expression


  • Balanced
  • sure-footed
  • tonally accomplished


  • Needs a touch more punch and verve

We threw a whole range of music at this cable, and it responded with a balanced, sure-footed sound, encompassing a smooth treble, supple midrange and solid bass.

Detailing is well executed and production subtleties treated with respect – Hope Sandoval's vocals on Mazzy Star's Fade Into You fly from the speakers.

It falls just short on dynamic expression, but for a mellow and refined listen, the Atlas is ideal.

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