£ 4000

The Pro-ject Xtension turntable proves Project can compete at all price levels

£ 2350

Despite being a vintage design, Linn's LP12 turntable is still considered one of the best designs around

£ 2675

The Orbe is more than a decade old and remains a brilliant buy. Don’t buy anything else without hearing this deck first

£ 1250

This deck is good enough to challenge the very best at this price level – make sure you give it a long listen

£ 4500

A beautifully built turntable that's a joy to use and hear

£ 1478

This turntable's even, cohesive and fluid sound makes listening an absolute pleasure

£ 175

This turntable is a Fiesta, not a Ferrari – it won’t set your pulse rating, but will do a fine day-to-day job for the money

£ 6275

It's a tried and tested design, but the Xerxes 20 Plus is still the leader, with masses of detail, agility and sonic presentation with lots of body. T

£ 1560

This brilliant deck is capable of worrying anything near its price point

£ 1670

If you’re into aesthetics, the Performance will catch your eye in a major way