Hi-fi speakers


£ 99

A worthy rival to Tannoy and Q Acoustics in the budget speaker sector

£ 650

Don’t judge a speaker by the number of drivers it has: these Aurousals do great work with just a couple

£ 1900

You might find similarly priced speakers that impress more on a short demo, but we doubt there’s many that will please as much in the long run

£ 6000

Nothing in the company’s recent history prepares you for how good these speakers are

£ 4700

Not the best all-rounders we’ve heard, but they have some deeply impressive strengths

£ 2100

The ’300s deliver a sweet and clear sound coupled to a wide, open soundstage

£ 985

The weight, authority and punch of a floorstander, and the rhythm and small-scale dynamics of a standmounter

£ 1000

If Wharfedale could fix the cohesion and drop the price, these speakers would challenge the best

£ 780

Diminutive Dynaudios make up for lack of size with superb dynamic ability

£ 2650

Music should entertain, energise and inspire: these speakers achieve this better than any rival we’ve heard