Hi-fi speakers


£ 300

Best desktop speaker, Awards 2013. Stylish, well-featured and delivering hi-fi quality sound, the MR1s certainly mean business

£ 200

Fine speakers that are more functional than special

£ 11500

Give them plenty of space and the Dali Epicon 8s will deliver a muscular sound that’s packed full of enthusiasm

£ 500

We love the upbeat approach, but their performance is too uneven to wholeheartedly recommend

£ 500

Accomplished and refined speakers that are outclassed by stronger newcomers

£ 380

There are more talented rivals on the scene, but the veterans are enduring greats

£ 2000

The Caterthun has strengths but we expect a more rounded product at this price

£ 3495

The finest Spendor speakers we’ve heard in years. When it comes to insight and precision, these floorstanders set the standard at this price

£ 960

The TD508Mk3 aren’t for everybody but nothing at this price level comes close in their areas of strength

£ 6125

If you’re looking for a top-class pair of floorstanders, these ProAcs are as musical as they come