CD players


£ 3640

Naim's modified CDX2 now has an electrical digital output, and remains a very talented performer

£ 695

With its modern appearance, the RCD-1520 looks the part – but up and running it's a dynamically restrained performer

£ 350

Denon's latest CD player adopts similar styling to its recent Blu-ray range. It's a good listen, but holds back when it should let rip

£ 330

The classy 650C impresses in so many ways – it's £330 well spent

£ 1950

The CD5 XS is one of the few players at this price-point that's a genuine rival to Cyrus's brilliant range of CD players

£ 895

The new version of the K2 is all gain with no pain – if only that pesky Cyrus CD 6 SE wasn't around...

£ 18345

Yes, £16,000 is a huge amount of money to spend on a CD player, but there's no denying that the CD555 is a world class piece of equipment

£ 300

Best CD player up to £500, Awards 2010. Marantz has a great tradition of building superb, musical and entertaining CD players

£ 1190

Clean-cut Norwegian CD player with a fluid sound and more affordable price, but the competition is tough

£ 2600

Moon's latest CD player continues a fine history of great hi-fi gear from this small, but perfectly formed, Canadian company