CD players


£ 550

New Apollo shoots for the moon, but falls just short

£ 14000

Yes, the price is stupendous, but so is the sound

£ 310

Best CD player up to £500, Awards 2012. Marantz has made big improvements to its already brilliant CD player with the CD6004

£ 2995

The new Leema Acoustics Antila IIS Eco does everything the original did, only better

£ 950

The Audiolab 8200CDQ hybrid player adds a preamp to the already excellent 8200CD

£ 1445

The warm, harmonic sound of the Cayin SP-CD300 will hit the spot for some

£ 6000

With its futuristic styling and incredible performance, the Cantata Music Centre is one of the most desirable products on the market

£ 2200

A massively detailed player, but not sufficiently engaging for us

£ 11000

The dCS Puccini is a clever two-box CD player with an in-house DAC design and innovative outboard system clock

£ 365

The Swedish built XTZ is a solid piece of kit, but while some may like its gentle nature, others may think it needs a touch more verve