Micro and style systems


£ 230

The Sony CMT-MX550i may look purposeful and have an integrated iPod dock but it's far from competitive

£ 1350

The Neo has a more agile sound and extra functionality over the original Arcam Solo

£ 275

The MCR-140 is a versatile micro featuring Yamaha's AirWired wireless streaming technology

£ 330

Although DAB+ may be exciting for some people outside the UK, for us Brits the One+ isn’t enough of an update

£ 230

The Sony NAS-E300HD rips at 4x playing speed, but you can swap to real-time to listen and record simultaneously

£ 299

The Teufel Impaq 40 may look rather shed-built but the sound it produces is near-faultless for the money

£ 230

The TEAC CR-H258i is a fine affordable micro - it performs enthusiastically from all its sources

£ 185

Some of the features of this Panasonic micro system are very usable, but we'd rather have seen more attention paid to the basics

£ 185

Roberts Sound 43 is a snazzy little system with great DAB radio and an iPod dock - would make a really good bedside unit

£ 12350

It might have some flaws, but this Lyngdorf system is something different from the norm, and well worth a look