Speaker cables


£ 15

Beautifully balanced cable that's as at home with Busta Rhymes as it is with Beethoven - one of the best at this price level

£ 15

Sound matters most and in this repect the IRC6 will be a fine choice

£ 2290

You'll need an extravagant system for these excellent speaker cables

£ 3

A budget cable with an entry-level look and feel that serves up substandard sound

£ 11

The Rocket 33 boasts superb build quality but we'd like more subtlety and less glare

£ 18

The CS122 is a very capable cable that's extremely subtle

£ 14

Despite sounding a touch lean, The Orbit is definitely worth an audition

£ 15

The Hyper 2.0 is a class-leading speaker cable that sounds superb

£ 7

The 4PR is punchy and powerful, but lacks refinement

£ 6

Our budget cable Award winner for three years in a row – need we say more?