Speaker cables


£ 3

For the money, Chord's budget Leyline is bang on the nose. If you're looking to spend less, audition this

£ 4

Decent detail, dynamics and subtlety – for less than a fiver

£ 12

DNM has added authority to this solid-core speaker cable

£ 4

We really like this budget speaker cable from QED - it might be short on some bottom end heft, but it makes up for it with everything else

£ 7

It's capable in many ways, but the Jive really needs to gain greater expression and dynamic bite

£ 9

If you want a superbly balanced sound, then this speaker cable is certainly for you, although it could do with more verve

£ 8

There's definitely promise in there, but this Ixos needs more authority to really begin to shine

£ 3

A fine budget upgrade, but you don't have to spend too much more to do quite a bit better

£ 7

It's not ideal for every system, but we think this QED's a bit of a champion speaker cable

£ 5

Clearer Audio's entry-level speaker cable gives off a quality vibe, but lacks the verve of the class leaders