£ 400

Sounds inoffensive – to such an extent that it becomes uninteresting

£ 299

It’s not going to set the world alight, but the DAC Box DS is a solid performer

£ 4995

Chord’s QBD76 HDSD is a top-class converter that delivers a brilliant sound from a well-built package. It has plenty of visual appeal, too

£ 160

An easy way to add high quality Bluetooth to your hi-fi, but it could be more affordable

£ 800

A forward-looking product with a refined sound – but it could do with a little more sonic sparkle

£ 350

All the bells and whistles can’t mask the disappointing sonic performance from this specced-out Lindy DAC

£ 260

If you like your music to have an attacking edge, then this DAC’s for you

£ 2595

This DAC/preamp/power supply combo is hugely capable and packed with useful features

£ 249

The Explorer’s design and assured sonic performance makes it a top contender in its niche market

£ 180

Best DAC up to £300, Awards 2013. This bijou headphone DAC makes the most of music on your laptop or PC