What Hi Fi Sound and Vision Wed, 17 May 2006, 12:00pm

Soundstyle XS122

Tested at £105

Beautifully finished and reveal a communicative, spacious sound.

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  • Tight, forceful, spacious sound


  • Not especially dynamic

Despite a modest price, the XS122s are beautifully-finished, being pleasingly glossy and smooth.

With speakers atop, they're a communicative, spacious listen, with a skill for revealing the midrange. At either end of the frequency range, sounds are tight and forceful without being over-demonstrative.

Timing is assured: the XS122s never strike a false note. The biggest drawback is a rather reticent character: there are few dynamic fire-works here, with the XS122s prefering to retire to a safe distance before the banging starts.

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