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Klipsch SW-450

Tested at £330

A substantial-sounding subwoofer that's more than capable, but some rivals can handle complexity better

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  • Substantial and weighty sound
  • understated looks


  • Can lose its way with more complex basslines

It's a large unit, but there's something subtle and understated about the SW-450.

It's a deep cabinet (49.5cm), but relatively narrow (35.6cm) and the use of a vinyl wrap as opposed to a glossy black finish helps the subwoofer blend into its surroundings.

The Klipsch sports a downward-firing 10in driver with a fibre-composite cone. On the rear panel, there's also a bass reflex port big enough to swallow up your average rabbit, so just make sure every pet is accounted for before you switch it on.

And, because of the port's placement, we'd keep the Klipsch a fair distance from a wall.

Immediately, you can hear that the SW-450 is a more substantial-sounding subwoofer than the likes of the some rivals. Bass notes are weightier, tighter and have a clearer, more pristine appearance.

The SW-450 can lose its way at times with more complex basslines and there's a little rattle from the cabinet when it's pushed hard, but this is still a very capable option.

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