What Hi Fi Sound and Vision Tue, 6 Apr 2010, 11:00am

Black Rhodium Jive

Tested at £7

This cable would be great with a lively set-up, but it needs to get more dynamic bite to really shine

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  • Firm bass
  • capable detailing
  • treble and midrange well-integrated


  • Needs more dynamic expression and punch

One dictionary definition of ‘jive' is ‘lively and uninhibited'.

Alas, the Jive cable doesn't possess these traits, but it's not all bad. You get a well-integrated treble and midrange, while bass is firm and detailing capable.

The problem is, this cable is too polite when it should be letting its hair down.

Even with Dave Brubeck's Take Five, the sound lacks verve. This cable would be fine with a lively set-up, but you can buy better.

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