US court orders Samsung to pay Apple $1bn in damages

25 Aug 2012

The long-running patent battle between Apple and Samsung has come to a dramatic end with a US court ordering Samsung to pay Apple $1.05bn (£665m) in damages for infringing intellectual property.

In the end the jury concluded that Samsung had infringed Apple's software and design patents in a number of its devices such as the Galaxy S, Mesemerize, Galaxy Prevail and Infuse handsets.

Apple says it will now seek import bans on several of Samsung's products. The South Korean electronics giant says it will appeal against the decision.

Apple said it applauded the court "for finding Samsung's behaviour wilful and for sending a loud and clear message that stealing isn't right".

However, Samsung hit back, saying "it will lead to fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially higher prices... it is unfortunate that patent law can be manipulated to give one company a monopoly over rectangles with rounded corners".

Apple had wanted $2.5bn in damages, Samsung had sought $519m.

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I don't want to say 'I told you so'. Yes, I accept the rhetoric that this 'can only happen in the US' but I've always maintained that Android was a rank copycat of iOS and it was only a matter of time. I've also said Samsung is carrying the can for Google. This could be a bigger defeat for the latter than the Korean firm. If Android is ditched (HTC must be watching Samsung's defeat with horror), a confident Samsung can produce a winning Windows 8 phone, or even BB if it licences BB10 and has a decent OS.

As far as I can see Google has brought this upon itself.

Samsung has a real Achilles heel now and Sony and others know Apple has in effect KO Samsung.I use a galaxy 3 and yes Samsung is guilty of copying as MS did with Windows 95, only the history between Jobs and Gates stopped the lawsuit. Samsung seem to accuse Apple of copying of Sony

design, b.s. considering that Sony did not have a smart phone in 2004? Samsung share price falls.Judge in case might triple the damages. Further product design will be hampered.Galaxy 3 sales might get banned in the US.....So Samsung has got a real headache.....their ppeal is pointless. With the IPhone 5 launching, the kudos is with Apple....many Japanese firms are rubbing their hands with glee 

 Koreans, Nippons, and Chinese are copy cats.Ask Dyson clyclone cleaners....they won  judgements in China, Samsung is the kingpin.



It's the current fashion in America. The USA is bankrupt and trying to fine every foreign company it can find. BP, HSBC, Standard Chartered and now Samsung. Hopefully some country wilol stand up to them soon.

Apple seem to forget were they got some of there ideas from. I would have to agree with Samsung that things would lead to fewer choices or higher costs, not to mention more costley court battles. Does Apple really think it has the drive without Steve Jobs to push boudaries to stay number one as we haven't seen any yet. 

My Mind Boggles

Apple wins: Of course, is Apple on Appleland

Samsung wins: Of course, nobody could patent a "rectangle with rounded corners".

I'am not an American and from my point of view as a Illustrator and graphic designer I have no doubts Samsung copied Apple (I took a look at the prior design's from Samsung, as those were published days ago). I consider the "change of direction" and "coincidences" a rip off and not acceptable from a leader and prestigious company I think Samsung is. If that is not considered stilling by a specific society, values or rules is beyond me.




Could only happen in the US.


Samsung werent even allowed to present their prior art evidence to invalidate Apple's patents.


Honestly - patents like scroll bounce, any 16 year old programmer could knock that up in about an hour.


The jury said it didnt even need the 100+page jury instructions. Not following the instructions seems strange to me.


Luckily our court system is more sensible and kicked Apples claims out.

Once Samsung gets to present the prior art you expect the decision to be overturned.

Well, yes, that'd be why they chose it as the forum. You think the Eastern District of Texas with its reputation as the favored forum for patent trolls would have been more appropriate? As far as venues go, I thought the S.Korean decision was interesting, not that I've read the text of the judgment.

Hmm, California jury in California court finds in favour of a California-based company over a foreign one – did anyone really expect any other outcome? Frown

It has been reported that the 9 person jury were asked to deliberate 700 questions regarding who infringed whoms patents. How they managed to do this in 3 days is beyond my comprehension.