You might well have heard by now, but Christmas is just around the corner – in fact, we're now talking a matter of days. And that means it's time to make sure the shopping is well in hand... but what if you're low on inspiration this Christmas?

Well, that's where What Hi-Fi? comes in - like Santa's trusty elves, perhaps? Are you on a budget? No problem. Looking for the audiophile for whom only the best will do? We can help. Or do you want something a little less conventional and a little more out of the box? Absolutely - Our gift guide contains plenty of suggestions to suit virtually any tech need.

From headphones to streaming subscriptions, DACs to DABs, kids, travellers and early adoptors - this is our Christmas Gift Guide for 2015, a treasure trove of gift ideas to keep you a step ahead of the crowds when it comes to buying your gifts this Christmas. And with well over 150 now to choose from as Christmas draws ever-closer, we'll help you deliver a healthy dose of festive cheer.

9 gift ideas under £50

You don't need to go out and buy a new TV if your existing set isn't quite as smart as you'd like. Nor do you have to spalsh the cash to enjoy your music collection on the move. There are some real gems out there, which can be yours - or a loved one's - without the need to break the bank.

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8 gift ideas under £100

From headphones to wireless speakers, docks to DAB radios; whether it's a stocking-filler for the kids or something for that special someone - we've gathered together a list of great hi-fi and home cinema products all for under £100 that cater for all tastes... and systems.

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10 gift ideas under £200

From the teenage offspring craving the latest piece of kit to a more senior member of the family with an eye on a system upgrade this Christmas, you have never been able to get quite so much bang for your buck - and if your budget stretches to £200, there's some superb gifts to be had.

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7 smart TV upgrade gift ideas

TVs are now more powerful than ever, with smart capabilities transforming them from mere corner-of-the-living-room goggleboxes into full-blown entertainment hubs. But what if your set is falling behind the times? For some, the expense of a new main TV for the home can prove to be a little out of reach. It doesn't mean you can't teach an old dog new tricks, however.

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10 gift ideas for vinyl lovers

The vinyl renaissance continued in 2014, despite the growth of online music streaming and its part in the digital music revolution. If you're buying a gift for a vinyl enthusiast this Christmas, here are 10 ideas to get you in a spin.

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8 gift ideas for film fans

If you're someone who knows their Hitchcock from their Kubrick, or your Christmas 2015 recipient is a particular fan of Tarantino or Scorsese, then we'd hazard a bet that you'll be able to find the perfect gift from this list of eight products to satisfy the most ardent of film fans.

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10 tech gift ideas for music fans

Hunting for the perfect gift to give to an impressionable sibling who knows their Stereophonics from their Stereo MCs? Perhaps after that perfect system upgrade for a relative whose hi-fi system seems to have everything? For these reasons and more, this is the music lovers' Christmas Gift Guide you need.

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10 tech gift ideas for sports fans

Are you buying for someone who knows their LBW from their offside rule; touchdown or triple jump? We've been scouting the best tech gifts that'll prove a winner with the sports addict in your friends and family, from the presents that will bring the matchday atmosphere into the living room or keep you updated by the boundary rope.

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5 of the best Bluetooth headphones

You might be listening to a nice, relaxing symphony in your armchair, but find yourself unable to reach for that rather enticing cup of tea. Or you might be watching a film on a long train journey, but can't move your head to see the view out of the window. Bluetooth headphones are one solution. Not only do they remove the need for a wired connection, but they're compatible with a range of devices, and free your body to twist-and-shout as you see fit.

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10 gift ideas when money is no object

If you're thinking about what to get that special someone for whom owning a system is all about owning the best, you might find that your budget is stretched above and beyond. But if there are no restrictions on what you're prepared to spend, we've rounded up 10 of the bank-busting products that'll fit the bill.

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Best deals on 7 What Hi-Fi? Award winners

It'll come as no surprise to learn that our 2014 Products of the Year are just that – the Award-winners that lead the field in their respective categories. We'd have no hesitation, therefore, recommending them if you're looking for a Christmas gift idea.

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10 gift ideas for travellers

From the roaming backpacker to the corporate jetsetter, we've chosen 10 top tech gift ideas for the globetrotter in your life. And the best thing is that none of these presents will take up too much of your valuable packing space.

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5 gift ideas for fitness fanatics

For those friends and family members in your life for whom getting into shape and keeping fit is an important consideration, performance is often critical – and we've rounded up five great tech gift ideas that won't let you down this Christmas.

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10 tech gift ideas for early adopters

Is there a tech pioneer in your family? Someone you know love to be at the cutting edge of innovation? We're expecting yet more consumer electronics developments next year, but you needn't wait to get ahead of the curve.

We've already seen a number of products introduced with the ability to support the latest tech trends – and that means you'll be able to get your hands on them this Christmas.

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10 gift ideas for kids

It's not just adults that get to reap the benefits of decent hi-fi, home cinema and mobile tech. With the price of many items dropping, but quality remaining high, there's no reason not to treat the offspring to some top products Christmas.

See them all: 10 of the best gift ideas for kids

6 gift ideas from Kickstarter

Fancy doing something a bit different this year? How about gifting someone a Kickstarter investment? Here are six (pretty) sure bets from the AV world, from smart wireless headphones to feature-packed DACs.

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6 of the best albums to test your system

For a stocking filler that will put your hi-fi system through its paces, we've rounded up six of the best albums we've been enjoying over the last 12 months to add to your Christmas gift list. And one of the best things about our pick is that there's certainly something to suit all tastes.

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10 of the best Blu-ray discs to test your system

On the lookout for a nifty stocking filler this Christmas? A Blu-ray disc or two never fails to deliver, and that's why we've rounded up 10 of our favourite Blu-ray discs from 2014 that'll entertain and serve as great testers for your home cinema system.

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7 of the best Apple accessories

Apple owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to accessories. Whether you're after something for your iPad, iPod or iPhone, we've picked out seven of the best accessories on the market.

So if you're after a gift idea for an Apple addict, whether it's a charging station for multiple iOS-powered devices or a portable battery pack for when you need an extra bit of juice on the go, this is the round-up for you.

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7 of the best Android accessories

Android devices come in many different shapes and sizes, offering flexibility when it comes to choosing one that best fits your lifestyle – and plenty of options to consider when it comes to buying an accessory.

We've rounded up seven accessories that we believe to among the best available right now - from an HDMI stick that lets you mirror content to your TV to high-resolution audio streaming on your smartphone.

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11 of the best Christmas films

The What Hi-Fi? team has picked its favourite Christmas films, whether you're looking for a present idea or something to pick up in time to watch on Christmas Day. Watching a Christmas movie is almost as much of a tradition as turkey and presents, but what to watch? Allow us to run through our personal favourites...

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