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14 Jan 2009

CES 2009
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If you've been following all our CES news from Las Vegas, now you can see some of the new products for yourself in our exclusive video show report.

Our man Dominic Dawes was there with his trusty camcorder and microphone, and reports from the heart of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

So to find out more about all the hot technology heading your way in 2009, watch our special video roundup, only on

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We're certainly not losing our focus on hi-fi, but given the enormous size of CES, we couldn't possibly cover everything there in one video report.

Our aim was simply to focus on some of the big technical developments at the show, rather than covering everything on display.

Hey Guys, Firstly, Thank you very much indeed for the news piece in the mag this month. We here at Sonneteer, do very much appreciate it. Also, sorry you had to take my comments offline regarding this report. i understand may be I edged close to the line, but when we comment critically, we only say it out of love, as we are big fans. I'd just hate to see a decent hi-fi magazine with focus on hifi losing it's focus a little. After all you have a great sister magazine called Stuff who already inhabit a part of the market you dont really need to tread. Oh you know what I mean! Keep up the good work, just please come to the hifi section of CES next time. We promise to please. Oh got some interesting news to do with Rock bands and the Morpheus soon.....but shhhhhhhh! its a secret for a bit Wink

Nice report...however GET A DECENT MIC ALREADY !!!