Welcome to the Easter weekend - hence the presence of the bunny and eggs, even if we're not entirely sure why the rabbit in question is a) blue and b) apparently sporting a pharaonic beard.

Anyway, it's officially the start of Spring, which probably explains the snow forecast almost anywhere in the country and temperatures dipping into the blue, substantial chunks of the rail network either closed or delayed for engineering works and predictions of massive road congestion.

Sounds like a good excuse to crack open another Smarties egg, fire up the system and stay indoors. With whathifi.com, of course...

This week we've been rabbiting about...

Over in the Forums we now have well over 11,000 registered users and over 35,000 threads to keep you talking. This week we've been talking about whether to buy Arcam or Cambridge Audio, tactics for seeking spousal acceptance, and asking whether you have to ask permission to ask Clare a question.

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