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With a nicely balanced sound, good looks and an attractive price, this powerful-sounding Loewe speaker is an appealing wireless option
Powerful, solid sound
Punchy, rhythmic and energetic
Nicely balanced sound
Great build quality
Attractive finish
Charges smartphone
Could be clearer and more subtle
Rivals sound more articulate and spacious
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Strong sound, shiny case, and a price drop? The Bluetooth-toting Loewe Speaker 2go is looking very attractive indeed.

Originally costing £270, it’s now on sale for £230 – and makes a good case for itself among the crowd of wireless speakers flooding the market.

Loewe Speaker2go

Sound quality

Portable, wireless speakers don’t always impress us with their sound, but the Loewe Speaker 2go delivers a strong and balanced performance.

The Loewe houses two full-range drivers driven by separate 10W amps and a subwoofer powered by a 20W unit. There’s also higher-quality aptX streaming on board. Play Metallica’s Enter Sandman, and the grunt and aggression of the track is served up admirably.

Loewe Speaker2go

Drums hit with solid impact, basslines are deep, and there’s no undue sharpness to the guitar solos. It’s a really nicely balanced speaker – turning up the volume doesn’t harden the sound too much either.

And it can go quite loud. The white LED indicators on the top panel show the volume level – we were quite happy listening at a rather low volume, but don’t be afraid to crank it up.

Loewe Speaker2go

The Loewe charges along with plenty of energy and a lively rhythm. Switch to Arvo Part’s Fratres, and it handles the delicate, classical piece well – even if the clarity and dynamic subtlety on offer aren’t show-stopping.

The Loewe can sometimes sound a bit too congested too, while rival portable speakers such as the Ultimate Ears Boom (£170) offer a more articulate and spacious performance.

Build quality

Encased in a magpie-baiting shiny aluminium casing, the Speaker 2go certainly catches the eye. Our review sample has a neat and classy silver finish, but you can get it in black as well. It’s a solid chunk of speaker. The sturdy build, neatly machined structure and hefty weight all point to a premium quality product.

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Loewe Speaker2go

Despite its reassuring solidity, it’s also light and compact enough to be carried around. Charge the Speaker 2go up fully and it’ll last a good eight hours. You can also charge your smartphone or tablet using the USB port at the back of the speaker, too – a useful touch.

An integrated rubber pop-out stand tilts the speaker slightly upwards. Loewe says the angle (exactly 7.5 degrees) is perfect for better sound distribution – and the speaker does sound more direct than when laid flat.


Loewe Speaker2go

The Speaker 2go is primarily a Bluetooth speaker, but we do like that Loewe has added a 3.5mm auxiliary input for wired connections. It means you can play songs from music players that don’t have Bluetooth, and it offers a more stable connection to boot.

You can also connect to the speaker with just one tap. See that black circle on top of the unit? That’s the NFC (near-field communication) tag. Tap any NFC-enabled Android or Windows OS device to that black spot and you’re connected in seconds. Make sure you have Bluetooth turned on first for actual music streaming, though.

Loewe Speaker2go

There’s also a microphone built into the speaker, so you can make hands-free calls and use it as a speaker-phone. It doesn’t sound great in use, delivering slightly muffled results.

Loewe Smart Audio app

Loewe offers a free iOS/Android app. It has a slick, minimalist interface with an emphasis on album artwork – but it doesn’t do a lot apart from being an alternative to your smartphone’s native music player.

Loewe Speaker2go

There are no extra EQ or speaker settings, and while it’s simple enough to use we aren’t swayed from using Apple and/or Android’s familiar music apps.


There’s plenty to like about the Loewe Speaker 2go. The solid build is immediately attractive – it looks and feels like a quality product. But what we like the most is how balanced it sounds.

There’s no tubbiness in the bass and no sharpness or brightness to the treble. Many wireless, portable speakers can’t get that right, but the Loewe does it with confidence and punch.

Only the fact that some rivals offer an even clearer, more articulate and less congested sound, and cost less, stops it getting the full five stars. But it’s definitely worth an audition.


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