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Pioneer, kef, xtz

My system is made by;

Pioneer A-A9-j stereo amp, Pioneer PD-D6 cd player, Yamaha s663 dvd-player, xtz sub amp1, macbook for digital streaming through hdmi. The speakers are kef iq70 and dual 8" peerless sub. (about 15liter volume) All the wires are supra.

The blu ray player is for the moment a ps3, also got a xbox 360 and some other consoles. And the tv is a samsung 42" plasma. 

Im pretty happy with the sound and the performance of the system, but at moments I think it is to bright in the sound. But with the dual diy subs, it became alot better. Im looking to buy a vinyl player (rega rp1 or pro-ject debut) not decided yet.


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RE: Your system

your setup sounds good it's just a pity i can't see any pics.

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RE: Your system

It took some time but here are some pic.



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RE: Your system

I added some auralex aswell.... (well I put it together now, but it is not on the wall yet...) 


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RE: Your system

Very nice setup.


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