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My Hi-Fi System

Hi all,

After having browsed the forums for a while I thought I should share my system with you all. It is my first attempt at a hi-fi system and is made up of entry level stuff. Kit list is as follows:

CD Player: NAD C515BEE


DAC: Beresford TC-7520

Speakers: Wharfedale Diamond 10.1

Sonos ZP90 (+ A Sonos Play 5 in the kitchen)

Playstation 3

Sky+HD 1tb box

LG 42" 3D TV (42LW550T)


The Subwoofer is borrowed from a friend's home cinema system . It's a Miller & Kreisel VX-7 MkII  (I wanted to borrow it just to hear how adding a sub would change the sound of my system and i've been very impressed with it. Now all I need to do is give it back to my friend and buy a sub of my own!)


Excuse the crappy iphone picture!



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RE: My Hi-Fi System

Thats a nice and clean setup you have very nice!!!

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RE: My Hi-Fi System

very nice..well done:cheers:

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RE: My Hi-Fi System

That looks great mate Smile Very neat , indeed. If you don`t want to spend too much money on a sub, just add to your Diamonds a Wharfedale Diamond SW150 - about £ 170 and a no brainer for the money,really....

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RE: My Hi-Fi System

Nice simple set up there mate. And agree with atankata...a Wharfedale SW150 sub will do in fact.

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