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Graphic equalizers . . . .

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Re: Graphic equalizers . . . .

Particularly interesting were the S.E.A. equalizers found on JVC equipment. Got a reputation for being very usable and effective, and you could even use them to pre-equalize when recording to tape.


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Re: Graphic equalizers . . . .
Particularly interesting were the S.E.A. equalizers found on JVC equipment. Got a reputation for being very usable and effective, and you could even use them to pre-equalize when recording to tape.

I know I gone on like mad thing, mat, but JVC S.E.A. GE's or Pioneer really were the Cyrus and Roksan of their day.


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Re: Graphic equalizers . . . .

I appreciate the argument re the purity of signal path dooh dahs, but does anyone else notice differences in tone when comparing sources (TT, CDP, tuner etc)?

For example, my CDP sounds pretty neutral-ish to my ears - so no real need for tone controls or a GE.

However, my FM tuner & TT sound very bass-heavy in comparison - wish my amp had tone controls so that I could add a dash of extra treble to compensate.

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Re: Graphic equalizers . . . .

one thing Ive learned the last days...equalizers are not suited to tame or tune speakers and amps...but if speakers and amps have the right tonality for you, then equalizers are great for making music sound better and fuller. like said by 6th.replicant


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RE: Graphic equalizers . . . .

I have 3 systems, system A consisted of Naim Nait 5 i combo and JBL Studio 530 speakers. System B - Denon RCD M 37 receiver and Tanoy Mercury V1 speakers, system C - vintage Fisher amplifier, Denon player DCD 335 and using Tanoy V1 speakers for this system too. For Naim and Denon I don't need equalizer, but I recentlu bought vintage Marantz GE EQ 351 connected it to system C, and what a revelation! Usually (since I am a little bit deaf of listening loud music over 30 years, especially regarding higher frequencies) I was not able to hear drums in its full capacity. By using equalizer, I can now hear every tone of drum, and symbals especially, which I like the most of all musical spectrum. So I must say that now I enjoy more with my vintage system, reinforced by graphic equalizer, than with both A i B system. I am real audiophil, passionate one, and I understand what means the shortest way of signal, bypassing tonal control, but with such set up, one really needs to spend a huge amount of money to get a  real hind end system. With my new, vintage Marantz EQ, I can adjust the sound the way I like it, and to repeat, after so many years I am able to hear cymbals in a way they sound and been recorded. So I am happy man beauty, eh


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Just joined and here is my three penneth.

5, 8, 10, 12 band graphic equalisers were all the rage and all utterly pointless, they all offered more control than the standard bass treble (and middle) controls found on just about everything. But was that extra control where you needed it, NO. However there were things like the Klark Teknik DM27 (all from memory !) at least with a whopping 27 bands (1/3 octave spacing) you could at least target problem areas. If you had a problem then you really needed a Parametric equaliser that would allow to hit the problem frequency area bang on and control its width of effect. Best of all though get the right kit for the room and place it correctly.
Probably all been said in earlier posts, so just ignore me. Rant over.

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RE: Graphic equalizers . . . .

I have never owned a amplifier with a graphic equalizer and nor do I want to as I would probably play around with the equalizer way to much. Tone controls are enough for me on my stereo amplifiers.


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