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Yamaha YSP 4100 - Audition

Cant sleep! So thought i would let you know about my Yamaha YSP 4100 audition today.

Not a massive fan of sound bars at all, In fact i hate the things. But i listened to this Yamaha YSP 4100 properly today and i was stunned with the result.... Not only did it literally sound like a surround sound system (as much as i would love to say it didnt) it did give an affect that even a high end 7.1 didnt give me. I am shocked and really pleased with this audition, I am not going to convert to the sound bar group (My ProAc 140's are on there way to me) but if anyone out there dose doubt the "Virtual surround sound bars" i would recomend listening to one as it may be the item for you!

Thanks a bunch for reading


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Re: Yamaha YSP 4100 - Audition

I too am impressed with the Yamaha Soudbar after listening to the older version YSp1100 for an audition and I got the 30D model for £470 a while ago but I still would have posted this in the Home Cinema Section.

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