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What FM tuners have you owned?

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Sony ST-88 (quite old even when I bought it second-hand for my first system).

QED T231

QED T260

Rega Radio (first version)

Integral tuner in an Arcam Solo-Mini.

Naim NAT05.

Integral tuner in my Marantz M-CR603.



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RE: What FM tuners have you owned?

- Leak Troughline 11 (belonged to my Father)

- Sony TA-T4A



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RE: What FM tuners have you owned?

Marantz 2060ML

Denon 260 MKII


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RE: What FM tuners have you owned?

Too many to mention but after I bought my mkII Cyrus Tuner I stopped looking any further


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RE: What FM tuners have you owned?

Ion Obelsk FM Tuner - still used daily, outstanding.


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RE: What FM tuners have you owned?

I was into receivers in my early days - a Tandberg (a TR200 I think), then a Harman/kardon 75+, a quadrophonic jobbie.

Always thought Quad tuners were over-rated but I love my Hitachi which must be almost 30 years old - it was a fave of the late, great Angus McKenzie.  

Was very tempted by an Accuphase about a decade ago, but amazingly it did not sound noticeably better than my Hitachi, though it was luscious to behold.  A couple of years ago a nice lady in Bristol tried to sell her ex-hubby's Yamaha CT-7000 on ebay, before me and a few others said it was worth a mint.  I had always fancied one but it was a silly price in the day.  Was great to see it in action, but there was a fault and I had no idea if it was fixable so I passed up the chance.  It weighed more than most amps do today!



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Luxman T-117L Akai AT-K11L I

Luxman T-117L
Akai AT-K11L

I have infact only started trying tuners recently. The Luxman is nothing special, despite the hype. The Akai however is wonderful, a very basic tuner but sounds so fluid and natural - bought for £30 !


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RE: Luxman T-117LAkai AT-K11LI

Sansui TU-317.



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RE: Luxman T-117LAkai AT-K11LI

I've had a Kenwood and an Arcam.


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RE: Luxman T-117LAkai AT-K11LI

various vinatge sonys including es

vintage technics models

vintage pioneer models including tx 7500 and pioneer sx 1980 and 1050 receivers

arcam t32

various yamaha models


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