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Hi, I'm currently auditioning the PMC FB1+ but find them to be a little bass lite with my all CYRUS 8 system, the mid/treble range is just what I need, nice and clear but sweet. Are the OB1's any better for bass depth/extension? I don't think the cables are a problem but I'm using all Chord cables, Chorus interconnect CD-Amp Chameleon Silver Plus interconnect Amp-power amp, Rumor bi-wire. The FB1+ are bi-amped, power amp to the bass units. Any advice much appreciated. Ian ps. Why doesn't this text editor recognise my text formatting, particularly paragraphs!!!!!!!!

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Yes, the OB1s do have better bass than the FB1+ speakers, but IMHO I've always found the Cyrus amps a bit bass-light with PMC speakers - and believe me, I've used PMCs for a very long time: see current kit list here. That's a personal rather than magazine opinion, of course...

Re the text editor, not sure - try putting < p > (but without the spaces) tags where you want a paragraph break. Seems to work for me...

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hi Ian,

Have you considered adding a PSX-R power supply (one or several....) to your Cyrus system? Makes a big difference, and could give you the extra grunt you're after. Try a demo if you haven't already taken the power plunge....

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Hi Clare,

Yes, I've already got 2 x PSX-R, 1 on the amp the other on the power amp. I think the problem might be that I'm used to the Monitor Audio Silver 8i and to be honest the FB1+ aren't really that bad, just a little more bass would be nice. The bass does seem to kick in more as I turn the volume up, but I don't think my neighbours will stand that for long.


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Hi Andrew,

Thank's for your input once again. I may have to make a tough decision between the FB1+ or the ProAc Studio 140's as the OB1s are little more than I'd planned to spend. I might try the ProAc D15 to see if they're any better.

Thanks for the tip with HTML formatting.

As you can see it works


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