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Denon PMA-720

Having recently asked people on What Hifi Forums for advice I feel obliged to leave some feedback. I decided to opt for the Denon PMA 720 amplifier paired with Boston acoustics A25 speakers. Maybe it's the fact that I started from a low base ( Cambridge Audio Topaz AM5 and JBL Control one Speakers) but I'm absolutley delighted with the upgrade. The Denon amp sounds stunning paired with the A25's. Using "Source Direct" the clarity of the sound is amazing and the sound quality at low levels is excellent compared to the entry level Topaz which ( to be fair) is a nice unit for it's price tag and a very good starting point for entry level HiFi.

Many thanks for the advice , it's appreciated.

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RE: Denon PMA-720

This is lovely to read.  Pleased you are enjoying your new set-up.  The 720AE is a superb amp and very musical.  I would think the combination with the Bostons is excellent.


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RE: Denon PMA-720

Well done to the OP. Nice to hear someone who's totally happy.

Pity about Denon, as I don't feel they get the credit they probably deserve. I can only put tht down to, as with Onkyo, that they are viewed en masse as a multi-channel manufactuer.

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