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which speaker cable ?

dont want to be paying more than £3.00 per metre and i have been looking at the gale symphony 400 (cambridge audio symphony 400 known as at richersounds website ) and i have also been looking at this cable at maplin website for £2.79  (s12) http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=51

am i better of going for the gale as its a well known brand in audio hifi or shall i go for the maplin unknown cable but sounds better as its  just over a 1000 strands ? and specifications sounds good,

i need cables for my front and centre speakers which are going to be gale aria ar70's

for the surround speakers can i go for the gale symphony 200? or am i better of with symphony 400 or the maplin cable ?

the surround speakers are at the moment yamaha satelite speakers (was part of the yamaha nsp 110, 5.1 surround kit, (i think thats the model number) but will be eventually upgrading to some small bookshelf speakers

would appreciate as many opinions and suggestions i can get

thanks and regards jav


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Re: which speaker cable ?

Hi ismalj, i am using gale symphony 300 for my surround speakers and qed silver annivesary xt for the fronts and centre, and i am very pleased with how it sounds.

panasonic 50px70 / panasonic bd30 / panasonic ex87 / onkyo 606 / kef iQ5se's / kef iQ2c / kef iQ1's on atacama stands / kef 1005's for back surrounds / bk xls200 mk2 sub.

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Re: which speaker cable ?

What are you using the system for Just Movies, or Music also? 

I Have Van-Damme 4x4mm Tour Grade on My fronts, and Just Maplins OFC Everywhere Else (Called Hi-Fi now I think), If it were me I  would spend my money at the front end Stereo Pair (and Possibly Center) then get Cheaper Cable for surrounds. But Stereo is more of a priority for me.

I have had some of the Maplins Cable you pointed out 12 & 10 AWG (About 4mm/500 strand and 6mm 1000 strand) Shark Cable I believe, They are good cables for the money very flexible but the strands are very thin. Just noticed the Maplin Bass Flex Cable this looks interesting might be a nice all round cable.

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Re: which speaker cable ?

hi its only going to be for homecinema.

i have narrowed down the selection and decided i can only spend £3 per metre max, for the fronts and centre i need about 6-7 metres

qed silver micro speaker cable?

qed original speaker cable ?

gale symphony 400?

which 1 would u guys highly recommend for the fronts and centre ? (fronts and centre speaker are defo going to be gale aria ar70)

and even for the surround speakers?

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Re: which speaker cable ?

IMO - Keep it simple on surrounds, not bell wire but don't spend a fortune, and choose some & 3-4 meter for front speakers you will be fine, the money you save spend on the surrounds and get some reasonable interconnects and a mains conditioning block (Tacima).

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