Pioneer's 2010 range in detail

Wed, 12 May 2010, 7:13am

Pioneer may have pulled out of the TV market, but it has a comprehensive line-up of new products for 2010. There are two new Blu-ray players (with a pair of 3D models to follow later in the year), eight new multichannel receivers, three Blu-ray home cinema in a box systems, a trio of DVD home cinema systems, five new iPod docks and a vast array of headphones.

Blu-ray players

The two Blu-ray players, due this month, are the BDP-LX53 (£399) and BDP-330 (£299). Both new models offer a choice or wired or wireless internet connectivity, BD-Live capability. YouTube and RSS feed browsing and control via a free iPhone/iPod Touch app, but they don't do 3D (nor will they be upgradeable to make them 3D compatible).

Pioneer BDP-330 £299

They have onboard decoding for audio formats up to the HD versions of Dolby Digital and DTS, and can output as either raw data or Linear PCM.

In addition they use Pioneer's Precision Quartz Lock System to ensure jitterless digital audio transmission over HDMI to suitable Pioneer AV receivers. The system works by synchronising the digital clocks of player and receiver.

Pioneer BDP-LX53 £399

The upmarket BDP-LX53 is set apart from the mainstream model by its rigid construction, using a layered chassis and drive stabiliser Pioneer calls its 'Armoured Chassis Concept'. This reduces vibration, and thus plays a part in the player's superior audio performance. It's also fitted with more advanced audio components.


Home cinema receivers

There are eight new multichannel receivers from £250 to £1999.

All of the new models (aside from the entry-level VSX-420) can be enhanced with wireless Bluetooth audio streaming and are capable of supporting 3D via the latest HDMI version 1.4 connection. 

All but the cheapest two models are Works with iPhone certified too and thanks to the Pioneer iControlAV app you can use your iPhone or iPod Touch to fully control your receiver.

Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding is on board all but the entry-level model, as well as Dolby ProLogic IIz height channel processing.

The VSX-920 (under £500), VSX-1020 (£650) and VSX-1025 (£650-£700) feature the new Pioneer-developed Sound Retriever AIR specifically developed for use with Bluetooth sources, as well as internet radio.

And the forthcoming Pioneer VSX-LX53 (£1200) is a replacement for the outgoing VSX-LX52 model.

Pioneer VSX-420 £250

Pioneer VSX-520 £300

Pioneer VSX-820 £400

Pioneer VSX-920 "under £500"

Pioneer VSX-1020 £650

Pioneer VSX-2020 £999

Pioneer VSX-LX53 £1200

There'll be two additional high-end multichannel receivers available later this year: the SC-LX83 and SC-LX73, replacing the existing 'LX82 and 'LX72. Pioneer has not yet release any details on these two, but we do have a picture (below).

Pioneer SC-LX83: £1999


Blu-ray home cinema systems

Pioneer is releasing three new Blu-ray in a box home cinema systems for 2010. Key technical features common across all three models include:

• BD-Live Profile 2.0

• 1080p/24fps resolution

• 12-bit Deep Colour support

• Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio Essential

• Wireless music playback via Bluetooth

• DLNA home network connectivity

• Made for iPod/Works with iPhone certification (iPod dock included)

• Support for DivX, DivX HD and MKV vieo files

• Support for WMA. MP3 and AAC audio files

• FM radio with RDS


Pioneer BCS-FS505 "under £500"

Pioneer BCS-303 "under £500"

Pioneer BCS-707 "under £600"


iPod docks

There's a five-strong range of iPod docks, building on the success of last year's XW-NAS5. The XW-NAC3 and NXW-NAC1 are equipped with docking stations for two iPods or iPhones so, using the 'shuffle' function, music can be played back from both of the docked devices at random. Both models are Bluetooth-enabled too.

The XW-NAC3 also includes internet radio via the Vtuner portal, DLNA connectivity and a multiline display.


Pioneer XW-NAC1 "under £300"


Pioneer XW-NAC3 £350

For those who want video capability with their dock, the XW-NAV1 has a built-in CD/DVD drive with 1080p upscaling via HDMI, an FM radio, USB connectivity and iPod video/photo playback (via composite connection).

Pioneer XW-NAV1 £249

Later this year, two further models will arrive: the wall-mountable XW-NAW1 (£199) and the more upmarket XW-NAM1 at £350.


Hmm, so no mention of a replacement for the LX72 or 82 amps then? Sad


New SC-LX73 and SC-LX83 models are on the cards, but we have no details yet from Pioneer.

Oh well, as long as they're coming along at some point that gives me at least another year to prevaricate about whether or not to upgrade my amp, otherwise I'd actually have to, you know, buy something and I did that LAST year!


OOOOOHHHHHH a VSX 820 or VSX 920 please - to match my BDP320 BD player - bierthday's 30.06.10 if anyone's planning a wee soiree...

Do they both have the quartz whitche-macallit-thingymybob to sync with my BD player?



The facia of the sc-lx 83 does not look piano black like the lx 82.

What about an LX-91 replacement. At the end of summer I will be investing on an amplifier and a blue ray player and want a decent pairing.

Have a kuro boxed up which I got hold of in 2009 and waiting for a new flat.

P.s What about Denon I have a 3802 which I love but no hdmi their only decent amp is 5 grand what happened to them. My first post sorry for going on a bit.

Pioneer though maybe real good... are too expensive. I'd imagine they would sell an awful lot more of their products IF they were not so expensive.

where do they get these prices from- £650 for the vsx 1020??? £400 for the vsx 820??? are pioneer taking us for a load of mugs or is it the audio visual industry as a whole?? - THESE RECEIVERS ARE BEING SOLD IN THE USA FOR HALF, YES HALF THE PRICE WE ARE TOLD THEY WILL COST!!!! how can pioneer justify these sort of prices??? please could somebody tell me as I'm baffled (and very annoyed)


1. We get paid a lot more money in the UK than they do in the USA.

2. Min wage in the usa is like £3.00 and the UK is like £6.00.

3. I come from canada and work in the same industry and I get paid a lot more here, I used to get $15,000 but here I get £16.000 which is almost $32.000

Belive it or not, the UK is not a bad place to live, USA has a lot of poverty, they dont have health care like we do, and jobs are scarce, the grass is not always greener Adey2010

I saw every music hold of Pioneer company .Like , C.D player, Radio  ,  But I would lit to purchase C.D player system for my house . Can you tell me shop address .

Pioneer Company creates world's best systems out there. The display of techies in above post is pretty clear.