Channel Five HD to debut on Sky in July after losing Freeview HD slot

17 Mar 2010

Channel Five HD
Channel Five HD: due on Sky HD

Only two days after Ofcom announced Channel Five HD would not be coming to Freeview HD until 2012, Sky has announced that it will carry Channel Five in high definition from July.

The public service broadcaster will transmit popular shows such as CSI and FlashForward in high definition on the Sky platform, as well as soaps including Neighbours and Home & Away, international cricket and live Europa League football, as well as blockbuster movies.

The addition of Five HD brings the total number of high-definition channels on Sky to 42. Last week the satellite broadcaster announced ITV1 HD would be added to its service on April 2nd, and says it plans to have 50 HD channels by Christmas.

Charles Constable, Five's Director of Strategy, says: "This is an exciting opportunity for Five. Our programme schedule is more suited to HD than any other major free-to-air commercial broadcaster, given the wide range of high quality series we broadcast, such as our top-rated line-up of US dramas. We're delighted to begin our HD journey with Sky."

This contrasts with Monday's announcement from Ofcom which said that Channel Five had failed to give it a launch date or programming schedule for the proposed HD channel.

The slot reserved for Channel Five on Freeview HD will now revert to the BBC.

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Sad news.... so Sky win again (Grrr)

I'd LOVE to see a more 'cost friendly' company come along and undercut them so as to actually hurt them.

It's like BT with the phone-lines all over again.

Watching commercial channels isn't free you pay for it virtually everytime you buy something.

I would have thought that commercial channels first priority would be to try increase their share of viewers.

Yes but just that free,it will boil down to money in the end.freesat is mainly for people who cannot recive freeview/or dont want to pay for sky/ cant expect to get loads of hd for free.when it costs a fortune to set it up in the first place.

Looks like freesat is dying

Didn't realise there was a channel 5 Tongue

I'm becoming a tad disillusioned with Freesat. One and a half HD channels to Sky's 42. I'm loath to add to Murdoch's coffers but the situation is becoming ridiculous. Any Freesat representatives out there to respond? No wonder there's no email address on their website. A 'phone call gets a polite brush-off!

No, motley, looks like Sky has Five HD exclusively for now.

Money talks then? Or am I being cynical?

I guess that means we won't expect to see 5HD on freesat anytime soon.