Our Verdict 
If you like big, bold looks and big, bold sound, this Yamaha's a perfect fit
Sturdily built
choice of colours
big, bold sound
happy to go loud (ish)
Sacrifices midrange resolution in favour of prodigious bass
restrained at the top end
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The world'd not short of iPod dock systems, but your choice is severely curtailed if you fancy a pink one. Or blue, for that matter. The Yamaha PDX-30 comes in both these finishes, as well as black and the grey we're testing here.

It feels sturdy, and comes with a useful credit-card-sized remote. As well as iPods, it works with all iPhones.

With a lossless file of The XX's VCR playing, the PDX-30 wastes no time in establishing its credentials. It's solidly punchy and produces a remarkably large-scale sound for a product of this size, happily attacking the low frequencies.

Midrange is a touch recessedSuch assertiveness is at the expense of the midrange, though, where voices can retreat to the rear of the soundstage.

Things are a touch reticent at the top-end, too, where the Yamaha rolls off the highest of the treble information. This results in a sound that's either enjoyably refined or frustratingly curtailed, depending on your preferences.

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There's no doubting the PDX-30's overall competence, though. It's one for the shortlist.

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