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Real Cable EHD-Flat review

Real Cable's EHD-Flat is by no means a bad cable, but it's no class-leader either Tested at £79.99

Our Verdict

This is by no means a bad cable, but it’s no class leader either


  • Open sound
  • rich colours


  • Lacks naturalness
  • needs more dynamics
  • motion judders

French manufacturer Real Cable is new to us, its EHD-Flat feeling like a well made, if slightly odd-looking brute.

It does much right though, with images appearing rich in depth and colour, although they lack some of the naturalness of the class-leaders, and skin tones appear a touch overdone.

Edges here are nicely sharp, while detailing isn't far behind. Motion is subject to the occasional judder though.

A wide, open sound
Noticeably, the EHD-Flat produces a wide, very open sound that projects well, although it could do with a pinch of dynamics to make it really shine during action scenes such as the appearance of the Balrock in The Fellowship Of The Ring.

It is by no means a bad cable, but it's no class leader either. It's more than adequate, but for just £10 more, we'd take the Chord Supershield.

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