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Pro-Ject Headbox SEII review

The Pro-ject Headbox SEII gives a lot for your money but some may find that the sound is wanting Tested at £200.00

Our Verdict

For the money it offers a lot, but the sound may disappoint


  • Lots of features
  • practical
  • good value for money


  • Wearing delivery
  • trades insight for features
  • tonally imbalanced

Pro-ject's weighty Headbox SEII offers a lot, with two headphone inputs and two volume controls, meaning you can share your amplified sounds without worrying about annoying anyone with sensitive eardrums.

Plugged in, the Headbox SEII handles different styles of music adequately.

Tonally you get a bright treble that could do with gaining subtlety, a confident and supple midrange that excels with vocals and emotion, and a bass that lacks definition and firmness.

Struggles with musical subtleties
Detailing is not bad, but the Headbox struggles when picking up musical subtleties, preferring instead to bombard the listener with a quickly wearing delivery.

You could argue that the Pro-ject Headbox SEII offers good value: it's cheaper than many rivals, and that extra volume control offers an extra degree of flexibility that we don't see in any others we've tested.

?In short, if you're happy to trade some aspects of performance for a more adaptable product then this is ?for you. But realistically, do you really need that extra feature for what is essentially a private amplifier?