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Partington Dreadnought Broadside review

These speaker stands may look industrial but they deliver heavyweight improvements Tested at £300.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Do the right thing by your speakers:put them on a pair of these


  • Can deliver wide-ranging and significant improvements in sound


  • Not the most stylish stand we’ve ever seen

Partington has recently reworked the bottom plate and upped the price of our longtime favourite to £300. That's all the excuse we need to have another listen.

They're still monumentally heavy pieces of ironwork; the looks are still defiantly workmanlike; and they're still far-and-away your best choice at this money.

There isn't a standmounter on the market that won't benefit from being parked on these. The improvements to the sound are immediate and considerable.

In every case, speakers offer greater detail, greater scale and greater clarity of expression.

While £300 may seem a lot of money to spend on stands - especially such industrial looking ones - in the case of the Dreadnought Broadsides it's

worth it.