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Otone Audio announces affordable Sonora AV-Lance and Varsa soundbars

Otone Audio has announced details of two brand new products; the Sonora AV-Lance and the Varsa soundbar systems.

Aiming for an end of February release, Otone claims the Sonora AV-Lance will deliver “finely balanced, clean and rich, distortion free sound”.

Packing four 3in midrange drivers and twin ¾” tweeters, the Sonora AV-Lance aims to produce “crisp midrange audio” while delivering bass through a 6 ½” wireless subwoofer.

The soundbar has a number of different sound modes for movies, gaming and music, with a "panoramic surround sound" for maximum audio immerison. At least that's the plan.

There are options when it comes to positioning the soundbar, too, the Sonora AV-Lance pedestal stands can be used as wall brackets, too. A price for the Otone Sonora AV-Lance has yet to be confirmed.

Also new is the Varsa mini soundbar. The Varsa works as a soundbar or as a 2.0 system, when you pull the soundbar apart in to two speakers. Two adjustable stands for the satellite speakers are included.

The Otone Audio Varsa is set to go on sale at an enticingly affordable £80. Again, a release date has yet to be confirmed.

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