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NEWS: Russ Andrews upgrades its entry-level mains cable

This is the new upgraded version of the entry-level mains cable from accessories specialist Russ Andrews.

PowerMax Plus uses the same high-purity Kimber Kable conductors as the old version, but there are new plugs, and improvements in the way the connectors are attached to the cable.

Russ Andrews has worked with an industrial cable manufacturer to develop a new wall-plug and IEC connector, in which the cable is mechanically locked to the pins, thus apparently giving a low mains impedance.

The nickel-plating of the metal surfaces extends to the whole of the pins and the fuse holder, not just the visible areas, the company says, and the new plugs are heat-moulded onto the cable sheath to give a more secure connection.

PowerMax Plus sells for £29.95, direct from Russ Andrews.