• Russ Andrews X2
Our Verdict 
Despite its sturdy build, and effective mains filtering, the X2’s lack of additional sockets means it isn’t as appealing as it could be
Smooth, detailed sound, extra weight
Only two sockets
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Small and sturdy, Russ Andrews’ two-socket X2 mains block looks like it means business.

Coming equipped with a mains filter and an IEC input socket so you can choose your own mains cable power supply, it also has the option of having further filtering upgrades.

Our sample came with the excellent PowerMax Plus mains lead – available at an extra £34 on the price of the basic X2.

We found that in collaboration with the X2, our reference kit served up a smooth and detailed sound, with extra weight and dynamics tossed into the mix.

However, with just two sockets it’s hard to see how useful the X2 really is. It’s an admirable piece of kit, but with more sockets it would be outstanding. As it is, its appeal is limited – so four stars it is.

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