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HTC M8 (One 2014): release date, news and rumours

The HTC One was without doubt one of the best phones released in 2013. Not only did it have an impressive array of specifications, but its alumnium unibody construction was able to rival the iPhone 5S's legendary premium build.

Its successor; codenamed 'HTC M8' is due for release later this year. But with rumours of the Galaxy S5, iPhone 6 and Xperia Z2 featuring 2K displays, sapphire glass screens and 4K video recording, HTC will have some serious competition when it comes out.

Here's a round-up of all the latest news and rumours on the HTC M8 release date, design, features and more ahead of the official unveiling.

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HTC M8: name

The new HTC flagship won't actually be called the HTC M8. Well, we doubt it. The original HTC One was codenamed 'M7' until it was released so this seems to be following the same lead.

A leaked page on the MobileFun website shows cases for an HTC One Plus for sale, so it could be that Plus is added.

Previous HTC phones - the One X for example - have been followed by a One X+, so there is some solidity to this.

The HTC One 2 would be just about the worst name for a smartphone we've heard, so we expect it might just stay as the HTC One.

HTC M8 release date

UPDATED: 18th February HTC has posted this "Save the date" image on its Twitter feed today. It says that the "best will get better." This points to a likely March release date for the HTC M8/One Plus.

Original reports pointed towards a release at the Mobile World Congress in February. But since then, many analysts are now predicting we won't see the new flagship in Barcelona.

Reliable tipster @evleaks posted on his Twitter page that the M8 would be released at a separate event in New York in March.

HTC M8: Build and design

[UPDATE] - March 10th 2014

Tech website Ubergizmo has received yet more images of the All New HTC One. In the first image, there are two phone side by side: the HTC One Max and the All New HTC One. Other images include side photos from all angles of both devices, showing size and feature comparisons.

The All New HTC One follows all previous design and build rumours: bigger screen, removal of capactive buttons and the twin-sensor rear camera.

[UPDATE] - March 3rd 2014

YouTube user "GadgetReviews" has uploaded an intersting 12 minute video review of the All New HTC One. (The original video got taken down, the link is to someone who reuploaded it)

The video confirms many of the previous rumours: rounded design, bigger screen, on-screen buttons, twin-camera sensor. It will also come in a brushed metal finish and have a microSD card slot for expandable storage. Sense 6.0 comes preinstalled, with BlinkFeed being given a makeover in the process.

[UPDATE] - February 19th 2014

@evleaks is at it again. Today, he posted the above image on his Twitter account. He claims it is the "All New HTC One." The alleged image follow previous rumours of a similar design and aluminium body to the original One, as well as on screen buttons and the new Sense 6.0 User Interface.

The HTC One's build received positive reviews from the tech industry. HTC is likely to follow the "If it ain't broke" philosophy, and use the same aluminium unibody design for the M8.

Leaked images on Russian website show a phone that heavily resembles the HTC One. The differences being lack of capacitive buttons and a larger screen.

@evleaks previously predicted the HTC M8 would be the "first HTC device with on-screen buttons." So again, there's some solidity to this rumour.

Leaked images on the @HTCFamily_RU Twitter feed alleging to be the back plate of the HTC M8 also show an aluminium design matching the HTC One.

[UPDATE] - February 12th, 2014

Yet more images purporting to be the HTC M8 have hit the web. This time, its a rather blurry press render of the supposed HTC One successor. A lot of the phone marries up with previous rumours and leaked images. There is one feature that has appeared on this version that isn't seen in others though.

In the top right of the phone there is what looks like an LED notification light between the camera and the speaker grille. The LED light on the current HTC One isn't particularly good, and can be hard to see. Perhaps HTC has realised this and made some cosmetic changes for the new version.

HTC M8: Tech specs

@evleaks was once again confident to release specs of the HTC M8. The Tweet says the phone will arrive with a 5" 1080p display, 2GB of RAM, Snapdragon 800 processor, UltraPixel rear and 2.1-megapixel front cameras, Android 4.4 KitKat and Sense 6.0.

We would like to think it will come with the Snapdragon 805 instead, as this is the processor of choice for many of the other Android manufacturers in 2014.

Initial reports of the 1080p display were disappointing. Samsung and Sony were rumoured to be releasing 2K displays as part of their new smartphones. For Samsung though, it seems that may now not be the case.

The leaked image of the backplate of the HTCFamily_RU Twitter feed showed an extra cut out at the top, which many believe will house a second camera. HTC is rumoured to be fitting the M8 with a twin-sensor camera that will allow users to alter the focus of the image after it's taken - like the Lytro camera.

HTC M8: Features

The HTC M8 will almost certainly come running Android 4.4 KitKat and Sense 6.0. Another leaked image posted by @evleaks shows what is expected to be the new UI.

The interface has received a complete overhaul, with HTC taking inspiration from the Windows Live tiles and Samsung's new Magazine UX - first seen on the Galaxy NotePRO tablet, and expected to feature on the Galaxy S5.

A new image, courtesy of, alleging to be Sense 6.0 has appeared online. Specifically, it shows the new version of BlinkFeed - HTC's hub for all social news. It seems HTC has favoured a flatter look compared to Sense 5.0/5.5.

What's also apparent in the image, is the design of the phone marries up with previous claims and images also leaked online.

All this sounds like HTC will have another successful smartphone when its released. We have roughly a month to wait until the official unveiling. Until then, keep your eyes peeled on for any updates.

We'll be on the show floor at MWC 2014 in a few weeks. If we hear any news there, we'll report it instantly.

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by Max Langridge

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