Our Verdict 
Low on frills but high on value, it’s a good option if you’re on a tight budget
Cheap as chips
solid picture for the money
sound is above average
Not the insight or poise of best
a little soft with standard-def
average spec
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How much?! Yes indeed, the Toshiba 32AV555DB is comfortably one of the cheapest 32in TVs we've tested, and if you shop around it's widely available for well under the £400 price-tag that we've quoted.

However, it probably won't be available for long as Toshiba has new models on the horizon that will replace this set – so if you like what you see, act fast. As you might have expected, the 'AV555DB doesn't boast a Full HD specification, opting instead for a 1366 x 768 resolution panel.

Nevertheless, it's perfectly capable of accepting a 1080p/24fps video image from our reference Blu-ray player.

Reasonable spec for the moneyThere are two HDMI inputs, which does now look a little stingy, plus digital and analogue tuners. There's not a lot else to get excited about – unless the thought of a couple of Scart connections or perhaps a component video input gets you hot under the collar.

Still, if that's all you need, you could be laughing all the way to your local public house with a couple of hundred quid spare if the picture is of a decent standard.

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So we take a look at the extended tourist video that is Baz Luhrmann's Australia on Blu-ray, and by and large we like what we see.

With the bargain price-tag at the forefront of our minds – and indeed the lower resolution – we're not surprised that the Tosh can't match the best for insight, but it makes a decent stab.

Fair performance at the priceSimilarly colours don't have the subtlety that the best in class can offer, but, taken in isolation, the Australian landscape is painted with punch and vitality. Sonically, the TV's speakers are lightweight but clear and balanced.

Switch to a standard resolution DVD and again we're happy with the results.

Colours are on the rich side and there are hints of softness – traits that are carried over to the otherwise good Freeview tuner – but we'd be more than happy watching a film on this TV, not least if we'd bought it for under £400.

Make no mistake, the 32AV555DB scores lower on technical specification and overall performance than a few TVs  – but at such a bargain price, we can certainly forgive it.

This Toshiba is a fine budget choice if you can track one down