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A genuinely unpleasant listen
Advanced features
charging dock
Woeful sound
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We thought it was going to be difficult to find a pair of wireless headphones that performed worse than the Panasonic RP-WF950H, but these Sonys have really amazed us in that regard.

What's disappointing is that the 'RF860RKs actually make a great first impression, thanks to advanced features that few pricier rivals can match.

Features such as a dock that charges the cans' nickel-metal hydride battery through the casework, without an electric contact, and a function that sees the 'phones turn on when they feel pressure on the headband, and turn off again when you remove them.

That's all very impressive, but it simply doesn't make up for the woeful performance.

Play Kanye West's Heartless, and the first thing you notice is how much the bass lacks depth and definition, closely followed by how uncontrolled and uncomfortable the treble is.

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What's more, they suffer from more hiss and interference than the Panasonics, making them a genuinely unpleasant listen.

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