• Sennheiser iE60
Our Verdict 
It’s a shame these didn’t live up to their promise. The iE60s are good… just not great
Energetic sound
full bass
good build quality
wide range of ear tips
good isolation
Low frequencies dominate a little too much
high frequencies can get brash
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The big brothers to these Sennheisers, the iE80s blew us away when we tested them – but at £270, they’re rather pricey.

These £140 iE60s are altogether more affordable and, while they lack the customisable bass response of their peers, don’t scrimp when it comes to build quality or finish.

The 1.2m cable is sturdy and, thanks to a couple of hooks that route the wires up and over your ears, won’t transmit too much noise.

There’s a decent selection of rubber ear-tips too, so you should be able to find a decent fit. We’d go for something like Comply’s foam tips, though, for a better fit.Bass is a bit overblownGranted a decent period of running-in, the iE60s deliver a detailed performance. Vocals are clear and defined, there’s good separation between instruments and parts, and the midrange as a whole is nicely rendered.

However, things start to unravel a little at the extremes of the frequency range.

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The bass, while powerful, lacks the laser-guided punch of the iE80s, while treble can get rather harsh and shouty for our tastes, especially when you turn up the volume.

There’s nothing unlistenable here – it’s just a bit rough around the edges at the price.

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Sennheiser iE60
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