Our Verdict 
An attractive, feature-packed player that deserves to be auditioned
Wireless dongle included in the box
slick design
quick loading
Picture lacks realism and fine detail of class-leaders
sounds a tad lean
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The USP for the Samsung BDP-3600 is its ability to access BD-Live content and software updates  wirelesly through the  supplied USB adaptor.

But that isn't the only feature that makes the BD-P3600 an attracttive proposition.

This is also a fine-looking machine, that boasts onboard decoding of high-definition audio formats to Linear PCM over its HDMI and multichannel analogue outputs, and a fast disc loading time.

It's only when you spin a Blu-ray or DVD that the Samsung starts to show any real signs of weakness. Movement is handled well, colours are evenly balanced and there's a good level of general detail.

Play Valkyrie and the Samsung does a fine job of handling the rocky outcrops and tanks prevalent in the second chapter of the Blu-ray disc.

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However, the class-leaders at this price produce a slightly clearer, more realistic picture, and pay more attention to subtle details, such as the badges and medals attached to the uniforms.

Lacking in clarity and detailDVD playback suffers from the same problems. The Spirit looks pleasant enough, but comparison with other machines highlights shortcomings in clarity and detail.

The BD-P3600 also falls just short of the very best with regards sound quality. During the air strike in the opening scenes of Valkyrie, explosions lack solidity and scale.

As machine-gun fire rips through the German company, the impact of each round isn't as firm or convincing as with the very best rivals at the money.

This is arguably the pick of Samsung's new Blu-ray players, carrying a wealth of features. If performance was as impressive as its specification, we'd have no hesitation in dishing out five stars.