Our Verdict 
The Dots are decent-sounding, colourful compadres for your MP3 player
Good bass weight
full-bodied sound
Not for those with big ear canals
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These Radiopaq buds are cuter and more colourful than the standard fare supplied with most music mobiles and MP3 players.

But, due to their ridiculously small size, they can be difficult to get to grips with. It almost feels like you're going to push them right inside your ear canal, never to be recovered.

That said, the three sets of supplied ear-tips are very comfortable and the Dots do a decent job of isolating you from outside noise.

Considering their price, the Dots produce a reasonable amount of bass weight and sound relatively full-bodied and rich.

But, there's a slight edge to vocals and they lack the openness and detail of the best budget in-ears. Still, for £15, you can't be too fussy.

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